A Holistic Business Model

We anchor our business model on three essential elements: the Seafarer, our Principals, and PT SAS. This model ensures a holistic and integrated cycle of recruitment, deployment, retention, and in the future, training and career development.

A Proven Track Record

PT SAS offers more than 30 years of experience in crew management to help deploy Indonesian seafarers. In so doing, we position ourselves to become a vital player in employing competent and globally-competitive crew for all vessel types.

Quality Service

We provide total crew management solutions to support onboard documentation management.

Our pioneering efforts in providing our partners and principals with an efficient administrative support staff who pays close attention to the specific needs of officers and ratings.

The Professional Team

At the helm of PT SAS is a group of dedicated, experienced, and highly-professional ship officers and managers who form part of our Executive Management Team:

Capt Choy Ngee Sheng The President

We established PT SAS for two good reasons: to provide equal job opportunities to Indonesian seafarers to embark on a rewarding and long-term career in the shipping industry, and to sustain this vast resource pool of highly-skilled and competent Indonesian seafarers.

Our company’s business philosophy is to uphold the interests of our partners and principals, and to advocate long-term partnerships built on mutual trust and respect.

My personal vision is to elevate the Indonesian seafarer to the level of a global maritime professional who is highly-trained, successful, and can compete alongside seafarers of other nationalities around the world.

To all our partners, Principals, and seafarers, we look forward to working with you!

The Operation Team

The operational team based in few cities within Indonesia to deliver the services needed to manage the expectations of our foreign principals.

The Jakarta team is in charge of the overall operational management of the company:

  • Mr. Erik Gunawan, Operations Manager